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The UB4ME Foundation - Our Story Pt 2

A year later, we found “the right buyer.” We went under contract and closed on the house in December of 2019. Finally, this family was able to move on with their lives.

I contemplated the donation, and a thought entered my mind. Instead of simply donating the money to the Miracle League, what if we gave the money in the form of scholarships, designed to assist Miracle League families to defer the cost of education for their special needs child.

Several months later the first Savannah Mull Scholarships were made available.

However, our story does not end there …..

Some 22 months after the beginning of this incredible journey, I sat in silence and prayer and began to become very emotional. The journey was supposed to be complete … or was it?

Something stirred inside me. Something told me that this did not just have to be a one-time thing. Something called me to make this an every-time thing.

For many years I was not sure what my call was in life, I only knew that God was moving me in a particular direction. Over the sixteen months that I was trying to sell this house and help this family, God was putting another plan into motion.

In December of 2019, the answer became clear. God called me to blend my gifts and talents as a real estate professional with a Spirit filled heart and soul for ministry.

Early in 2020, the UB4ME Foundation was born.

With hearts full of love and compassion, and the belief that every life is precious, the UB4ME Foundation believes that together we can take down the walls that divide us and erase the lines that separate us from one another and band together to create stronger and more unified communities.

"Because every life is precious"

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