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"Pre-Certification" Program

We will provide any of the following services PRIOR to listing your home for sale, as agreed upon by you and the J. Davison Realty Group:


  • Roof inspection

  • Siding inspection

  • Mold inspection

  • HVAC inspection

  • General home inspection

  • Home staging consultation

  • Appraisal (charge applies)

  • Home inspection (charge applies)

  • Floor plan drawing and house measurements by licensed appraiser

  • Photographs (including drone photos)

  • Targeted Facebook ad campaigns

  • Home improvement “punch list” (including a line-item estimate)

  • Our unique One-Day Open House Program designed to solicit multiple offers



Our “Pre-Certification” Program provides assurances to prospective buyers regarding the condition of the home and discloses the repairs made prior to listing the home for sale.



This process:


  • Reduces any speculation by the buyers regarding the condition of the home

  • Minimizes the chances of your home going under contract and having buyers walk away after conducting their own home inspection

  • Minimizes your days on market by soliciting an offer quicker

  • Maximizes your sales price by eliminating the leverage that buyers obtain after conducting a home inspection and having a list of repairs with which to negotiate

  • Prevents buyers from requesting to reduce the sales price in the event that the appraisal is less than the agreed upon contract price

  • Eliminates the risk of overpricing the home

Additional Services

  • We advertise your home on all of the major real estate web sites, including Zillow,, and RedFin

  • We market your listing on 30-40 different local FaceBook group pages – this generates public chatter about your house and allows people to forward this information to those that they know might be actively interested buyers

  • We provide a “Listing Activity Report” displaying all of the activity on your listing, including feedback and comments

  • We designate time once a week to talk to our sellers and answer any questions

  • We preview homes on the market in your area PRIOR to putting your house on the market because the value of a house can be directly affected by the existing inventory

  • Prior to the first Open House, we send out a "Select Your Neighbor" flyer to members of your neighborhood because they can be active members of our sales force and have a vested interest in who their next neighbor might be

  • We utilize signage to prominently display your home to passers-by

  • We utilize our unique “One-Day Open House” to show your house to the maximum number of buyers and obtain an acceptable offer for you within 24 hours

  • By the time your house hits the market, the anticipation is high and the foot traffic through your house on “opening day” is so impressive that it generally heightens the sense of urgency for anyone interested in purchasing

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