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John Davison


Tel: 919-449-7721

John has been a licensed Realtor since 2006. He has assisted hundreds of buyers, sellers, and investors. In addition to his real estate team, he owns an investment company that purchases, renovates and remodels homes.  John’s interests include The Miracle League of the Triangle, where he sponsors and coaches a team, coaching youth basketball, being a youth leader in his church, and the joys and blessings associated with being a father to his two girls, Hannah and Hope.  He is an ordained minister and currently scheduled to graduate from Campbell University with his Masters in Divinity in May of 2021.  He firmly believes in contribution and service to helping others.

John brings a personal philosophy that starts and ends with impacting, empowering, inspiring, and encouraging others.  He believes that it is not what happens to us that defines us, but rather how we respond to what happens to us that defines us; that we are not defined by our circumstances and our situations, but rather by our choices and decisions; that things don’t happen to us, they happen for us; that success in life is about focusing on the process, not the outcome.  He is led by a heart and a spirit to serve, trusting that placing the needs of others first is always the right thing to do.  This business philosophy demands that everyone on his team genuinely place the needs of others first at all times.