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Initial Consultation

  • Understanding your needs and expectations

  • Description of choices in agency relationships

  • The difference between Facilitator and Agent

  • Our role as your trusted professional

  • Explanation of the home buying process

  • Schools reports

  • Area geography

Home Search Plan

  • Establishing a home search “gateway” through the MLS

  • New construction vs. Resales

  • North Carolina construction – from the roof to the basement

Mortgage and Financing

  • Mortgage basics

  • Loan products

  • Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval

  • Your home financing strategy

  • The right mortgage for you

  • Our Preferred Business Partners

Transactional Process

  • Prepare and submit offer

  • Negotiate all terms of Offer to Purchase Contract and Addendums

  • Handle all fiduciary responsibilities

  • Work with closing attorney and lender to coordinate settlement

  • Analyze home inspection and prepare line item estimate of repairs

  • Work with Nick Knack Home Improvements to oversee all repairs

  • Ensure that homeowners insurance binder is secured prior to settlement

  • Ensure that title is unencumbered prior to settlement

Tips for Home Buyers

Save For Your Down Payment


Talk to one of our Preferred Business Partners to determine how much down payment you will need to meet your monthly housing payment needs when purchasing.  Check your liquid savings and see how much you have relative to your target down payment.  Talk to our Preferred Lender about how much you’ll need for closing costs, moving expenses, furniture, etc. 



Check Your Credit Score


Use a site like to learn your credit score.  You can increase your credit score by paying your bills on time, paying down outstanding balances, and reducing the number of credit sources that you have available.



Get Pre-Approved


This is the most important step in the process, especially in a market with low inventory and more demand than supply.  One of our preferred lenders can work with you to determine how much you can realistically afford to pay for a home.  Remember, it’s not about how much you can afford, BUT rather how much you are comfortable paying each month for your house payment. 



Talk To Us


As your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I track the local housing market on a daily basis and provide you with property matches the minute that they become available.  My guarantee is to get you in to see any house of interest THE SAME DAY that it hits the market!  I will get you in to see homes quickly and have an offer written the same day.  I will keep you in the front of the line and at the top of the seller’s mind.



Be Open Minded


As a buyer, you need to be guided by your goals and dreams, not the hype and doom-and-gloom so often created by the media.  While you must take broader economic forces into consideration, the decision to buy a home is based on your need for shelter, the desire to be more connected to your community, and your long-term financial security.  This is your home, but it is also your  largest investment. 

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