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James and the Giant Reach

The real estate market is extremely competitive for buyers. Getting an offer accepted is a challenge. I had shown James multiple properties over the course of several months. In most cases, we got in to see the homes as soon as they hit the market. His offers were strong, but he was always outbid. I decided to employ a different strategy for James; instead of looking at properties the minute they hit the market, we began to look at properties that were on the market for 14 days or more. The homes that we identified were still on the market because there were renters in these homes; this made the homes less accessible to agents and buyers. Also, the tenants were often in a state of moving out, which left the homes cluttered and in disarray for showings. I advised James to look past the clutter and envision a clean and repaired house.

We submitted an offer on a home and the offer was accepted. Immediately, I set up a home inspection for James. The home inspection came back with a few minor issues; something that happens with every home inspection. I forwarded the home inspection to my team of contractors and specialists. I obtained their professional opinions of each item mentioned in the home inspection report, including the cost of repairs. I prepared a line item estimate for the benefit of the seller and their agent. Each figure on our estimate was supported by the written estimates from our team of Preferred Business Professionals. We asked for a $6,307 repair credit and got it.

Had I not breached the traditional parameters of our home search and explored an alternative home search strategy that was outside of the box, James and I might still be looking at homes today. If I did not have a structured system for reviewing home inspection reports, including my team of Preferred Business Professionals, James might not have received the $6,307 repair credit. Proven systems and strong professional relationships work. James expressed his gratitude, as he had done several times in the past when he’s allowed me to work for him.

In the end:

· In a market where buyers are paying tens of thousands of dollars above the appraised value, James paid slightly below the appraised value for his home

· In a market where buyers are forced to purchase home in “as-is” condition, without any repair credit, James received a $6,307 repair credit

· James and his family were able to transition into their new home and start the next chapter of their lives together

Are you or someone you know facing similar challenges in this housing market? If so, please reach out with the name of the person or people that we can help and their situation. I promise they’ll get the excellent service they deserve, just like James.

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